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Free at Last, Almost

This past weekend, I deleted the last Windows desktop partition at home. Now I have desktops running only Linux (Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu server, and Mint, respectively), but no Windows. On the other hand, both laptops still have Windows (one has XP and the other has Vista). I have to keep Windows on the laptops because of problems with Linux drivers (either non-existent, alpha-level, or just don’t work). Some day, I hope to be Windows free, but that may not be for awhile.

In deleting the partitions on the last Windows desktop, I had an interesting experience. Prior to removing Windows, I was dual booting Xandros and Windows. But in addition to Xandros, I had at one time tried installing an earlier version of Ubuntu. Unfortunately, the install failed and no matter what I tried, within reason since I did not want to loose my Windows partition, I could not delete Ubuntu. But at this point, since I would be reformatting the drive anyway, I decided to experiment and see what I could do. To make a long story short, after using PartionMagic I ended-up with a non-bootable disk. Sigh. Fortunately, I had Mint on a disk and was able to boot using the disk and then access the Windows partition and copy off my data. I then nuked the disk and started with a fresh install. Oh well, that was interesting. Not.


Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Only in Hawaii, Part 21

Thanksgiving lunch was Mexican from Senor Frogs. I had the chicken tacos, which look like spring rolls, but longer. While there, bells started ringing and four waiters emerged from a backroom dressed in costumes. One of them started pouring a blue looking concoction down the throat of a comely young woman and kept going until she gave up. They then went around the tables and did likewise to all there.

While at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, we also tried Wally Amos’ Chip and Cookies. We bought the regular chocolate chip, regular with macadamia nuts, and the oatmeal. Not bad. SWMBO is thinking of using the cookies in Christmas goodie (sp?) bags.

Dinner was a buffet from Hee Hing (Chinese). They also had prime rib and other entrees. The food was good but they were very busy (well, duh. -ed).

Lunch on Saturday was from PF Changs (they have a lunch menu that includes complete meals, rather than family style dining-is that new?). To start we had the spring rolls and then I had the Mongolian beef plate and SWMBO tried the lamb and a noodle dish.

Breakfast the next day was back to Tango (next to PF Changs). I tried the French toast, which was OK but if you are hungry, three small pieces of bread is not filling. I think next time I will go back to the hash and eggs. SWMBO had the eggs benedict and banana pancakes.