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Cringley: “The Decline and Fall of IBM”

If your IT is based on IBM hardware and/or applications you should read this book.

The link includes the Introduction from the book so you can decide whether it is worth $3.99 for almost 300 pages on what is really going on in IBM and, perhaps, whether you should be entrusting your livelihood to them.

Cover of "The Decline and Fall of IBM"

Cover of “The Decline and Fall of IBM”


Not so Snowy

For the first time, I’ve had problems with making an online purchase. For the past couple of days, I’ve been going to the Island Snow¬†website, a local company located in beautiful Kailua, that sells, among other things, some cool t-shirts, to order some.

But three or four times, after filling out the online order form their credit card processing company rejected my order due to a problem with my address. What problem I don’t know. I do know, from checking my credit card website, that the money part of the transaction is fine because the credit card company is showing multiple temporary holds in the amounts for the shirts I wanted to order.

So I contacted Island Snow and I got a nice email reply saying they’ve had to make changes because of the high number of fraudulent purchases. While I fully understand that identity theft is a booming and growing business, having been a victim of such theft twice, I still don’t know what the problem is and how to solve it.

So, it appears I will have to do this partly over the phone and partly via email. Sigh. The quality of life is starting to go down hill because of all these people stealing what is not theirs.

What’s Still Missing in iOS8?

Multitasking. In 2014. Apple still can’t figure out multitasking. And no, I’m not talking about switching from one app to another. I’m talking about MULTIPLE apps running AT THE SAME TIME. ¬†Preferably visible at the same time in, now wait for it, windows.