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iTunes Plus Fail

Well, that was interesting. I have an iPhone. In order to use some of its features, I have to go through iTunes.

One of these features is the iPod part of the iPhone. I like to listen to music that I enjoy and I like all kinds of music. Since most radio stations play only a very narrow range of music, having my personal selection with me in my iPhone works well for me.

Recently, Apple announced a program to upgrade its DRM low-fi tracks to no-DRM higher fidelity versions for the low, low price of 30 cents per track. Not only would I be getting better sounding music but they would no longer be locked into an Apple silo. So, this past weekend I agreed to pay Apple about $50 to upgrade the tracks that were available.

Unfortunately, for some reason two problems occurred. First, although I paid for a certain number of songs, when it came time to download, not all songs came through. That is, I paid for songs that were not upgraded.

Secondly, once I synced iTunes with my iPhone, ALL the music on the iPhone was converted to “Other” and became unplayable. Let me repeat that last part. All the music, whether purchased from Apple or ripped from my own CDs, were no longer considered to be music by my iPhone and was therefore unplayable.

Even though I tried to re-sync, iTunes refused to do so because it said there was insufficient room on my iPhone. Although this was true, it was true only because iTunes had converted all my music into whatever “Other” is.

Now, what I’m going to describe to solve this problem worked for me. However, that does not mean and I do not recommend you follow. In fact, if you run into the same problem, I recommend you contact Apple support. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.

What I did was to use iTunes to restore my iPhone. Part of the process is that iTunes resets your iPhone back to its factory defaults. Hence, when it asked if I wanted to pack-up my iPhone I clicked yes. Once it began, it took some time while iTunes did whatever it did but when done, all the former songs identified as “Other” were gone. Hence, I was now able to re-sync my music, all of which successfully transferred from iTunes to the iPhone! In addition, all contacts and calendar events came in OK.

Now, as to the first problem, I’ll have to follow-up with Apple on that. In Googling on this problem, I found that I wasn’t the only one so you need to be careful that if Apple charges you for 50 songs, that you actually find 50 songs downloaded when you are done.