Daily Archives: 2 September 2004

In The Beginning, Part 2

I’ve tried fixing whatever is broken in MT 3.1 but have not been successful. So I decided to temporarily load something else so I could at least get a post out.

So, what I’ve installed is WordPress. I could not believe it when they said their install would take only five minutes and I was right. It took less. Not only doesn’t it matter what directory you install the application, you don’t have to worry about permissions or paths. All you have to do is know your database configuration (username, database name, password, and if needed – hostname) and that’s it.

The install ran without problems and here we are.

Having said that, “here” is looking a little sparse and I still need to figure out how to display links but that will come. Of course, I’m still worried that it dynamically creates pages so if the database ever becomes corrupted, lost, or hit by aliens joy riding on a Saturday night all will be lost.

Oh well, I gotta go…



Let There Be Color

I’ve found a site with many different WordPress themes. Alex King has done a great job of creating some of his own and gathering the best from others in one place. If you are using WordPress and are interested in changing the look of your site, by all means visit Mr. King’s site.

I’m starting with one called “Blue Fade” that I will, over time, edit to match my own taste.