Mozilla MFH

This is yet another
tweak guide for Mozilla Firefox
. It seems everyone and
their Aunt Minnie has a guide to tweaking Firefox. Maybe it’s
because Firefox provides so many user customizations? The
trade-off is a browser perhaps more complex than it should be
and not as streamlined or fast as it could be.

That said, I take Firefox over Internet Explorer everyday.
But I also use Opera, which is faster and more standards
compliant than either of them. The “problem” with Opera is
that it refuses to implement extensions to HTML that
Microsoft rammed through so as to screw the
create a “better user experience.” This means
many websites are unusable as their HTML doesn’t render
correctly in Opera.

But you know what, I don’t care about sites that are
clueless about making money. If they don’t know enough to
know how to code standards compliant HTML so that all of
their customers can spend their money why should I care about



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